We would love for this website to become a space for communication and collaboration. Each post has a “Leave a reply” link.  If something we write excites you or gets your blood boiling, let’s hear it!


address: University of Oregon Survival Center
Erb Memorial Union, Suite 1
Eugene, OR 97401


4 thoughts on “Collaborate

  1. Bob Brown

    I wish to engage in dialogue about justice and its transformation. I have some knowledge about this stuff.

  2. Bob Brown

    I’m envisioning producing a play, expressing a view of the Gary Haugen story. (Oregon Death Row …) I’m happy to offer some information, others may now be aware of, about circumstances, etc. that may be developed into a clear view and understanding of the narrative being played out with Gary. I envision finding a couple of good writers, director, and an ensemble of actors to take the play to the people. If nothing else, I’d be happy to share some insight into the Gary Haugen story.

    Justice and Peace.


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