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10 Books about Prison Abolition to Read in 2014

Here are 10 amazing, insight-filled, compassionate, revolutionary books about prison abolition that I read in 2013, listed in descending order of how much I loved them. Please check them out and leave comments on this blog, or email us your reactions at!


10. Stories of Transformative Justice by Ruth Morris

9. The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

8. Soledad Brother by George Jackson

7. Prisons Will Not Protect You edited by Against Equality and Ryan Conrad

6. The Prisoner’s Wife by asha bandele

5. Assata by Assata Shakur

4. Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison-Industrial Complex edited by Nat Smith and Eric Stanley

3. If they come in the morning: Voices of Resistance edited by Angela Davis and US political prisoners

2. Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States by Joey Mogul, Andrea Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock

1. The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence within Activist Communities edited by Ching-in Chen, Jai Dulani, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Also, a plug for a truly indispensable work on prison abolition, which I wish I could give to every person in the United States: Are Prisons Obsolete? by the incomparable Angela Davis. Start there in 2014, as it’s the essential introduction to thinking about a world without prisons. Here’s to more reading and more liberation in 2014!


What do Chicagoans envision for a better world?


Part of prison abolition is articulating concretely what we’re looking to make tangible in a world without prisons. This photo blog of Chicagoans responding to the question, “What does community safety look like?” is an inspiration that should provoke all of us to start thinking more deeply and genuinely about what community safety is, and how we can get there. Check it out here!

Community Safety Chicago’s tumblr has also been added to our Resources page, which is chock-full of ideas and strategies for building the world we want! No more cages! Yes to healthcare, transformative justice, and potlucks!