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Alternatives to Incarceration Tuesday

Okay, so maybe it’s not Friday, but isn’t every day a good day to learn about successful, non-punitive alternatives to the prison-industrial complex? Today UO Prison Justice wants to highlight the work of the Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore, described on their website as “a conflict transformation and community justice organization that provides ways for people to safely, collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime.” The community conferences that the CCC organizes in Baltimore are unique in that the CCC is the only conferencing program in the US serving a large inner-city population that provides most of its services at absolutely no cost to participants. 

Check out this inspiring video with some real examples of conferences organized by the Center here: But I’m warning you, this video might just change your life and the entire way you think about justice, retribution, and resolution for harm! Thanks to Walidah Imarisha for sharing this video during a workshop on alternatives to the prison system in Eugene in March 2013. 

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