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Trans and Women’s Action Camp rejects private prisons!

UO Prison Justice is positively thrilled to spread the news about a civil disobedience action committed by the Trans and Women’s Action Camp in Florida today, at the corporate office of the GEO Group, one of the US’s largest private prison corporations.

Check out this incredible news story from Earth First!

The Trans and Women’s Action Camp is an action camp for all people who identify as women, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender-variant. TWAC is a vital space for cultivating the voices and leadership of people who are often marginalized in radical movements, and for forging connections between all the struggles that we face for gender, environmental, and social justice. For more information on TWAC, check out TWAC Cascadia is coming up this summer and promises to be just as thrilling as this great news out of TWAC Florida!